June 30, 2020

Staying connected

Social distancing and self isolation have become crucial to preventing the spread of Covid-19. However this can leave you feeling concerned for a loved one who is unable to to make connection due to their vulnerabilities, such as the elder community and the people that may have a disability or heath concerns. Social disconnection may put these people at a greater risk of depression and anxiety.

Those who do not have close connections with friends, family and those who are already suffering from loneliness, depression and stress may be feeling the extra pinch of self isolation.

It is important not only to keep these vulnerable people safe but to maintain their mental wellness. If you know of anyone who is suffering from depression, stress or loneliness here are some small gestures you can do, to make these vulnerable people feel connected.

1. Write a letter

2. Write them a poem

3. Call them

4. Video call them

5. Text them

6. Speak to them through the window or over the fence (Maintain social distancing)

7. You can give them numbers of service providers that offer social services

If you know of anyone that maybe suffering loneliness; Liberty Community Connect maybe able to help with our social programs or one on one social services. Please give give us a call on 5578 1668