December 19, 2018

Alan & Julie's Story

My husband has a brain injury and I am his sole support.  Over the years we have moved from agency to agency due to his unique support needs and for many years we had no support, but when we turned to Liberty they were able to suggest changes in Alan’s respite that meant he had more staff who could understand his needs, which has been beneficial for everyone concerned.

My husband is a very social person and loves chatting to people and being included, going out, having coffee and eating. I appreciate that the staff make sure that he follows his eating plan – an important aspect of his needs. It is those little things that make a difference. Between the centre based respite and occasional outings he thoroughly enjoys his time with Liberty.

The centre based activities are fantastic and the pottery and art works created with an amazing volunteer artist were something clever and inspirational for everyone.  The program also offers brain teasers,  general knowledge discussions, current affairs discussions, cooking, games, computer skills, arts and crafts and other activities to ensure the clients maintain their brain function. It is done in fun ways and, while not increasing independence or improving our life, it certainly stops the stagnation of my husband’s brain as he gets extra mental stimulation and keeps him thinking.

With the introduction of the NDIS, Liberty staff have been of great assistance. I manage my husband’s   plan and the NDIA pays the bills. I have discussed our needs with the staff at Liberty and between us we are learning how to best move forward and how to fill out the required online components of management as there are not enough guides to inform you on the website. For us it is fantastic to be able to make the decisions and then, with support, implement them. I can’t thank the staff enough.

Liberty is such a fantastic organisation which is heart centered and offers its clients a family support type environment. It is the type of volunteers that are attracted to Liberty and the behind the scenes organisation and training given to staff that makes it unique.