October 27, 2021

Wellness and Reablement at Home

Liberty are here to help each client maximise their living potential with a heavy focus on health and
wellbeing, both physically and mentally.

We successfully provide a wide range of support services both in the home and here at our centre designed to help you remain living in your home and to combat isolation. It is so important that your community connection is maintained. The quality of your care will always be Liberty’s highest priority. Liberty’s guidelines in providing the highest quality of care are as follows:

• Both the client and the service understand and value wellness and reablement
• Family and carers support the wellness and reablement approach
• The client makes the decision that they want to improve their independence and quality of life
• The whole needs of the client are looked at, not just one part
• The client is able to make gains in their own wellbeing, ability to do things and social life
• Support workers are trained in wellness and reablement
• The goals are the clients and they have meaning to them
• Client-centered support is used to meet a client’s needs

To successfully implement a wellness approach our support staff, together with you, will focus on
building your individual strengths, capacity and goals to help you remain independent and to live
safely at home. This approach to service delivery extends to our Leisure and Lifestyle programs and
we encourage you to take advantage of our first free visit.

*My Aged Care Learning Environment (MACLE) Training 15