August 4, 2021

Ken's Story

Ken is one of our long time clients who is originally from New Zealand. His favourite place to visit in New Zealand is Rotorua as it offers a wide variety of landscapes and scenery, and is a great holiday destination. He enjoyed visiting the surrounding countryside in Rotorua and remembers the constant smell of sulfur- this smell is what makes Rotorua famous. Ken mentioned he has fond memories of ballroom dancing with the local people.

“At age 17, I served as an air cadet. At 18 I joined the Air force, and at 20 I was posted, with crew, into an operational bomber squadron.” With many men being deployed to the front line, women were drafted into essential war production jobs.

Through shared stories with Liberty friends it was discovered that another Liberty client, Dorothy, worked for a factory in England, County of Lancaster, where she made parts for the Lancaster bombers – the plane Ken flew. Dorothy says, “I made them and he flew them!”

Ken’s experiences during his time with the Air Force has made a lifelong impact, and Ken has shared some of his photos of his service years. Liberty appreciates Ken’s willingness to lead us in Anzac and Remembrance Day commemorations each year to remember and recognise all people who have served in the armed forces.