December 8, 2020

Community Project of the year - Boredom Buster Boxes

Gold Coast Volunteer Awards

Last week on Friday the 4th December, Liberty Community Connect was announced the winner for the Project of the Year 2020 for our Boredom Buster Boxes – Yipeeeee!!!!!

Gold Coast Volunteering received over 100 nominations from deserving volunteers and organisations who have defined the ‘new normal’ by showing resilience, diversity and adapting to the constant disruption making it a part of their daily lives.

Volunteering Gold Coast have thanked the winners, finalists, and everyone nominated for generously donating their time to creating social impact in the community.

Project of the year 2020 for our Boredom Buster Boxes – Liberty Community Connect organised a variety of services to support elderly clients isolating at home. Liberty also brought social support to our clients by way of the Boredom Buster Boxes filled with good cheer and things to do. Boxes included (books, DVD’s, magazines, puzzles, art therapy, recipes, crafts, games and exercise programs) staff have been going out and visiting clients who would like a social visit in their homes. What a difference this has made for many of our older folk. Lifting spirits of clients, improving gardens, planting creating lovely areas to sit, have a cuppa and read a book.


Reference: Gold Coast volunteering