March 28, 2022

Client Choice

Client choice is very important here at Liberty. We welcome the input of our clients in deciding what they would like to do and see for future outings and events. The bold and colourful Art Gallery at Home Of The Arts (HOTA) was a ‘must see’ on our list and was a great way to start off the new year in our community based program. We visited some of the creative exhibitions and got an insider’s view on upcoming events so we can start planning our next visit, with movies, shows and markets on the agenda.

Flexibility and meeting client need is also a priority for Liberty. Last month we were able to make changes to our planned activity when one group member indicated they were unable to attend because of a prior commitment at the Q Super Centre. The group saw this as an opportunity and got together and planned a day around the Q Super Centre so no one missed out. The outing was a complete success, with clients enjoying the park, lunch, and shopping at a location that most had not thought of visiting before. Client, Steven, very much enjoyed the outing stating, “I enjoy getting out and being free and experiencing different scenery with my friends”.