October 31, 2018

Annual General Meeting

Our recent Annual General Meeting at Liberty Community Connect was an opportunity to reflect and celebrate the successes and achievements of the year. And what a successful year it was!

We have been preparing for the past several years for the rollout of National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and this year, along with many other providers across the Gold Coast, Liberty commenced providing services as an approved NDIS service provider. We are committed to ensuring that we are supporting our existing and future NDIS clients. We are here to support people live a life of their choice. If you would like further information about The National Disability Insurance Scheme please CLICK HERE.

Liberty also conducted an annual client survey as part of our commitment to improvement and service excellence. Our 2018 survey provided a response from more thatn 50% of all our clients with 99.38% of clients telling us they were happy/very happy with the service and support that they receive from Liberty. HIP HIP HOORAY!! This sort of response is what we live for here at Liberty and we are over the moon.

There is an abundance of information that was presented at your AGM and we would love to share it with you. CLICK HERE to read our AGM report.

Another great year!

Cheers from the Liberty Team