March 21, 2019

A Message From the General Manager

So here we are, well and truly on our way to the year of 2019…doesn’t Christmas seem like so long ago! Here at Liberty we are all back on track and feeling confident that we are in the swing of things. We recently had our Aged Care Quality Review and it is with significant pride that I confirm we have successfully met all quality standards. I am sure that most of our ‘readers’ have heard about the Aged Care Reform and the horrific care that some of our older Australians receive. At Liberty we absolutely pride ourselves on the quality of care that our clients receive so it was neither luck, nor accident, that we were able to obtain a high standard through our review.

Through the review a cross section of clients, committee and staff, at both management and support worker level, participated in one of various interviews. It is inspiring to have our work audited to confirm that we are meeting the required standards. In the past 24 months Liberty has continued to expand our service delivery, enhancing our capacity to meet the needs of both older Australians and / or people who live with a disability. Two years ago we only received funding to provide very basic levels of care to our clients. We then increased our skills to ensure we could meet a higher level of needs for our clients who were aged over 65. These clients primarily now come to us once they have been assessed and approved for a home care package. Having approval to provide this higher level of support means that clients are able to stay with us as their needs increase rather than having to change service providers ~ continuity of care we call that! Less than 12 months ago we commenced the journey into the world of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Much like home care packages this means that for people under the age of 65 living with a disability we are able to meet their needs, providing a higher level of support. As we speak, we are awaiting the outcome of our tender to continue to provide disability support to people with basic needs into the future. Evidenced through such things as the abovementioned Quality Review and our annual client survey, our clients tell us they love Liberty as their provider so, on that note, we continue to make sure that we strive to improve, to enhance our capacity.

– Jo