July 6, 2021

Marie's Story

Marie is an inspirational Liberty client who has been receiving services with us for over ten years. She currently receives weekly social support and finds the support staff “lovely and helpful”.


Marie receives support through Liberty under our CHSP funding. We assist her with weekly shopping and running errands. She also loves having the occasional coffee and a chat with some of our support staff and talking about her early life and travels.


During her early years, Marie travelled around the world and met some amazing people, some were very high profile. She was once a strong swimmer and diver and worked as a swimming coach, sharing her passion for the sport.


We value the energy that Marie brings to Liberty and enjoy hearing her stories, especially about her dachshund, Tye, who is very spirited and is always happy to see our support staff. His ears perk up when he hears the word ‘walk’. They often visit their old neck of the woods, especially to the Greencross vet at Nerang where Tye gets doggy sat while Marie runs her errands.


We thank Marie for her ongoing support of Liberty and look forward to continuing to support her in the future.