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Imagine what’s possible ~ Make it happen! Liberty Community Connect has been a local Gold Coast, independent, community-based service provider for over 25 years. By listening to the needs of our customers our highly experienced, qualified and passionate team provide tailored and personalised care services.

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Core Values

Our focus is on providing a wellbeing experience that encompasses every aspect of life, empowering people to maintain independence, be connected and remain active.

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The Liberty wellbeing experience is about recognising that people need people. Our wellbeing is enhanced through strong relationships. Connection is about being treated fairly, being involved in the community and belonging.

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The Liberty wellbeing experience is about recognising and celebrating our differences. It is about feeling good about yourself and what makes you unique and finding your place. Liberty is passionate about adjusting services based on the individual needs of our clients and ensuring that all people have found their place.

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The Liberty wellbeing experience is about ‘Livin Well’. When we are enjoying life, we begin to engage completely in the present moment. It is about having energy and vitality, and getting the most out of your experiences.

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The Liberty wellbeing experience is about feeling a sense of accomplishment and being able to use your abilities. It is about the freedom to do decide what you will do and how you will live your life.

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The Liberty wellbeing experience is about being involved in something bigger than ourselves. It is about looking at what you do and realising you are valuable and what you are doing is worthwhile. Liberty recognises the importance of being meaningfully involved in the community.

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The Liberty wellbeing experience is about freedom to explore possibilities that are important to you.


It’s all about making a positive difference ~ promoting the independence of people who are elderly and people who live with a disability, providing quality care and flexible services that respect the individual.

Liberated Friends

“You have changed my life and have made me want to live by today and look forward to the future”

Nannie Quinn

“Being able to call upon help in emergency transport situations is piece of mind and greatly appreciated”.
“Services provided by Liberty Community Connect mean everything to me”.


Liberty has completely changed my life.  When I first had contact with them they were like a beacon and a lifeline for me.

Joe H

Christmas for the last couple of years has been made so much more joyous thanks to the help Liberty gives to me in ensuring my house is sparkling clean for many merry guests.

Margaret L

On the whole I don’t know where I would be without Liberty. I greatly appreciate the package and any help that is given.  My dog just loves the staff that visit our home.

Maggie S

With the introduction of the NDIS – Liberty staff have been of great assistance, I manage my husband’s plan and the NDIA pays the bills.

Allan W

“My life is so much better since I’ve been going out with Liberty shopping and having coffee.”

Rita S

“I have made great friendships with all the volunteers – they are friendly, very understanding and are always caring”

Sarah M

“Right from the beginning, Liberty’s girls were great. They were confident, respectful, friendly and very helpful and it was lovely to see my house becoming so tidy once again”

Kath & John

“What the lifestyle support workers can do like vacuuming and mopping, cleaning bathrooms and toilets in just a few minutes would have taken me at least two hours spread over two days! Liberty has been a real godsend and I’m looking forward to trying out all the other additional services they currently have on offer, like driving me to a doctor’s appointment and back as well social support, because it’s getting harder for me to shop or drive on my own.”


“At first I didn’t want to come along to Liberty, but I am so glad now that I did. Coming along to Liberty has made a real difference to my life. My family have even said they have seen a real change in me, that I am much brighter and happier now than ever before and all due to my attendance at Liberty Community Connect.”

Gloria Notman

I have made so many connections with the clients, I absolutely love seeing them smile.

Blake S

“I really enjoy the company of the staff. They are lovely and make me feel welcome. I have been coming for a few years now.”

Elma W

“I love playing the games and at 87 I am still very competitive and always ask each week what game are we playing in today’s outing.”


“We love the variety of activities Liberty has to offer”

Bev & John

“I am over the moon and thankful for the opportunity to go out on a girl’s day out. Angie and Barbara hosted a great day. We really enjoyed
our lunch, ice-cream, and browsing the shops.”
– Val G

Val G

“I enjoy the company I get at Liberty and the various outings. The staff and volunteers are very friendly and helpful”

Steve H

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