Van Celebrations!

We bought a Van!

For over 2 years we have been fundraising and submitting grant applications to secure the funds needed to purchase a new van fully modified to meet the needs of our people. At a total cost of $88,757  it was not a small undertaking. With a sense of gratitude, pride and celebration over 60 staff, clients, volunteers and guests gathered together to raise a glass and thank those who had contributed and to acknowledge that together we made it happen!

Our wonderful clients and friends donated over $4000 and we received a total of $65, 100 in grant funds from five different organisations. We are very thankful for the support provided by Southport Rotary, the Reuben Pellerman Foundation, Gold Coast Community Benefit Fund, Gold Coast City Council Division 5 funding and Enterprise & Training Company. Thanks also to Mercedes Benz Robina who provided funds for the champagne and catering on the day.

Thanks to everyone who attended and in particular our guests from ETC, Southport Rotary and Mercedes Benz Robina.

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By Grant Harding

A brand new Merc, with a real cool wrap

Just headed out today to pick up folk and take them out

It really makes their day.

We’re always greeted with a hug, a handshake or just smiles,

We load ‘em up and hit the road and sometimes drive for miles.

And miles we drive to pick those up we’re out for fun and thrills,

This moving billboard does more miles than Bourke and bloody Wills!!

Some may think it’s just a bus but it’s something more you see,

There are friendships made and problems solved –

No other place they’d rather be.

Now on my run, I have a dog and Diesel’s one of us.

He talks to you – he’s so damn smart he could drive the frikken bus!!

I could rabbit on like this and tell stories about us,

But truth be known, the secrets stay forever on the bus.

But why we’re here is simple, it’s thanks from all of us,

With your support and money we’ve got the grousest bus.

Our sponsors, who have made this all a reality in effect,

Our heartfelt thanks – this means so much to Liberty Community Connect.