Well-Being Experience


Liberty is about “freedom, independence, choice”

Wellbeing is “the state of being comfortable, healthy, and happy”

The Liberty experience outlines our holistic approach to wellbeing.

Our focus is on providing a wellbeing experience that encompasses every aspect of life, enabling people to regain their independence, be socially connected and remain active in the community.

These six aspects make up the Liberty wellbeing experience.


The Liberty wellbeing experience is about recognising that people need people. Our wellbeing is enhanced through strong relationships. Connection is about being treated fairly, being involved in the community and belonging.

“Liberty are an important part of my support network. I think back to each person here who has impacted my life, contributed to it and helped me through every stage of my journey and I am so thankful for each of them. During this time, I made lasting friendships with people who, 17 years later, are still in my life” – Female Client

 “Home away from Home” – Female Client

 “You eased some burdens which made my life better and now I have some friends at last” – Female Client


The Liberty wellbeing experience is about recognising and celebrating our differences. It is about feeling good about yourself and what makes you unique and finding your place. Liberty is passionate about adjusting services based on the individual needs of our clients and ensuring that all people have found their place.

“Up until this point, none of the services suited me as I had the twins, who were not   disabled, and didn’t fit into any programs. I didn’t fit within a box. It was then that I met the people at Liberty – who looked outside the box and included me. They realised that by helping my kids, they were helping me, so they adjusted the services to fit me in” – Female Client

“You feel like you are not just a number, but individual” – Female Client

“I could not find help for someone under 65 on a disability pension. Liberty saved me!” – Female client

“Staff want to make your experience special, individual” – Female Client


The Liberty wellbeing experience is about ‘Livin Well’. When we are enjoying life, we begin to engage completely in the present moment. It is about having energy and vitality, and getting the most out of your experiences.

 “At other centres I felt really ‘old.’ I feel much more at ease here” – Male Client

“Human warmth, cheerfulness, laughter”  –  Female Client

“I would be lost without the support. They brighten up my days for me” – Female Client


The Liberty wellbeing experience is about feeling a sense of accomplishment and being able to use your abilities. It is about the freedom to do decide what you will do and how you will live your life.

 “I have the ability to achieve what appears unachievable for me” – Female Client

 “Without this support, I would not have any independence” – Female Client

 WENDY’S STORY: Wendy was an In Home Support Worker with Liberty and was passionate about her job. Several years ago, Wendy was a victim of domestic violence. This changed her life forever. She was now in a wheelchair and daily activities became very difficult. After a long time in rehabilitation, Wendy was able to go home. Wendy joined the Liberty Community Access Group and now goes out on weekly outings with friends to all the best parks and places on the Gold Coast. She enjoys the outdoors, the picnics and BBQ’s and the fun of being with others. Wendy also joined the Centre Based adults with a disability group and participated in an award winning project ‘Hands of Hope.’ This project is a depiction in clay of the artist’s hand, holding what they hope for their future. Wendy’s hope was to fall in love and marry. Wendy is now engaged and will marry this year. Wendy’s Liberty experience involved the opportunity to make use of her abilities and remain connected in the community.


The Liberty wellbeing experience is about being involved in something bigger than ourselves. It is about looking at what you do and realising you are valuable and what you are doing is worthwhile. Liberty recognises the importance of being meaningfully involved in the community.

 “There is so much I want to do now and I know with your help that I can” – Female Client


The Liberty wellbeing experience is about freedom to explore possibilities that are important to you.

“Having a physical disability affects your mental well-being. You feel like you are useless and have no purpose. You gave me that purpose and boosted my confidence” –Female Client.


Janelle suffers from epilepsy which greatly impacts her life. When she came to Liberty, she joined the Centre Based group and took part in a painting program which she found great pleasure in. This inspired her and she joined an art group near her home. Janelle also very much enjoys being involved in the kitchen at the centre. By preparing food and clearing up, she is able to outwork her passion for hospitality. With this in mind, Liberty has offered the opportunity for Janelle to come and volunteer in the elderly Day respite program. Janelle will serve morning tea and lunch and is very excited to start in the New Year. Janelle’s Liberty experience means that she can work in Hospitality and keep doing what she loves.

“You have changed my life and have made me want to live by today and look forward to the future” – Female Client